VitalRemedy MD is continually searching for ways to bring health and value to our customers conveniently and affordably. In addition to promotions and value packs offered during specific times of the year, we added free shipping early this year to make your shopping experience easier and affordable.

Today, we have the pleasure of announcing a new shopping model that will bring more savings to your family and friends. This original buying method is a Shopify approved and recommended application.

The application is called PowerBuy and is based on product deals/discounts through social sharing and group buying. Look for the PowerBuy button, shown below, on product pages across www.vitalremedymd.com and join the PowerBuy to get started.

Every PowerBuy will have a minimum unit quantity that must be reached before the timer expires for all the shoppers who joined to receive the special PowerBuy deal price. When you enter a PowerBuy make sure to share it with your friends, family, and network to make sure the minimum is reached, and the deal price unlocked for you and all else who joined. By hovering over the button, you’ll see all the details for the deal.


What happens if the deal doesn’t reach the minimum? Not to worry, you won’t be charged and will receive a notification to let you know that the PowerBuy was unsuccessful, at which point we hope you give it another shot and help spread the word to make sure the deal is successful the next time around. Alternatively, you can purchase the product as usual at a standard price by adding it to your cart.

With PowerBuy everyone now has the opportunity and choice to save through a Group Purchase on our website.