Anti-Inflammatory Support

Anti-Inflammatory Support

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Daily2Tab was formulated by our Founder, Medical Doctor Seth Baum, an internationally well-known cardiologist. The composition of essential vitamins, trace metals, and other ingredients, in concentrations that support your wellbeing but do not overdose, make this product unique on the market.

ZINC: essential for the normal function of the immune system. The same is valid for Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Boron, Vitamin C, all B-Vitamins, and lycopene.


EPA & DHA increases the concentration of anti-inflammatory eicosanoids in your body while reducing the concentration of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids like PGE-2.

EPA & DHA reduce the production of cell-damaging nitric oxide (NO) which in turn stimulates, even more, the inflammation process.

EPA & DHA get converted to Pro Resolving Mediators (PRM´s) that signal our body to stop the inflammation and start the repair of damaged tissue.


Vitamin D3 enhances the activity of macrophages and monocytes, which defend your body against pathogens. Direct exposure of our skin to the sun will convert Cholesterol into Vitamin D3. Supplementation becomes essential in times when our skin does not have enough direct contact with the sun. Many people are deficient in Vitamin D3 because they do not have the time to spend outside, and when they are in contact with the sun, they apply highly efficient sunscreen lotions.

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