My ignorant opinion on Vitamin D3 supplementation

Latest figures from Andalusia/Spain highlight a drop in Covid-19 related death per million in senior citizens living in nursing homes, from 187 in November 2020 to just 11 at the start of January 2021 ( – 82% drop) after supplying to this population group a free daily dose of Vitamin D.

In a senior residence in Elgg/Switzerland, 19 positive Covid-19 infections were detected. Fortunately, none of these infected seniors died from this infection. After the authorities investigated this incident, they found out that all of these senior residences received daily 800 IU Vit. D3.

Already over 270 published clinical papers indicate that low Vit D3 blood levels not only (i) increase substantially the risk of being infected by Covid-19, (ii) of suffering a more severe inflammation but also (iii) increase the risk of dying from it. For the health professionals among us: there is substantial evidence that Vit.D3 may protect us via its immunomodulatory effects, especially in the renin-angiotensin system, cathelicidin and defensins binding, cytokine regulation and ARDS protection.

Among health professionals there are two very distinctive opinions: the one group claiming that vitamin D3 supplementation is unnecessary as our body can synthesize sufficient vit D3 simply by exposing ourselves a couple of minutes daily to the sun and the other group pointing out to a severe Vitamin D3 deficiency in the western population and insisting in a daily supplementation of 1000-5000 IU.

My ignorant opinion is: Nobody will die from a daily intake of 1000 or even 5000 IU Vit D3 – but it may reduce the risk of severe Covid-19 cases and covid-19-related death… apart from supporting stronger bones and teeth, emotional wellbeing and many more.