Q: Are not ALL Anti-Aging products useless and a waste of money?

A: We have chosen a different approach to Anti-Aging. We do not offer any lotion or cream in order to cover up any wrinkles or age-spots. We looked into science and asked ourselves the question: What is a main factor for aging? Turns out that aging is strongly linked to oxidation which in turn is linked to a continuous attack of free radical during our life. While our body is very young we have a sufficient well working antioxidant defense system. However, over the years this defense system gets damaged too and is no more so effective in neutralizing these radicals. Oxidative stress starts. First only affecting you on a cellular level, later injuring your organs and finally may be a major risk factor for your death. Unfortunately we cannot stop this process but we can slow it down by supporting our body with an efficient cocktail of natural antioxidants - every day. VitalYouth provides a balanced blend of anti-aging nutrients designed to support healthy mitochondrial function and protect your body cells against free radical damage.


Q: My present Antioxidant supplement contains much higher daily dosage of antioxidants than VitalYouth - I get more for my money there, so why should I switch to VitalYouth?

A: First, I believe there is no second product in the market with our unique formulation. As with all VitalRemedyMD´s products, they were designed not for making the highest margin for us but really to support the wellbeing of our customers. Therefore our products often contain ingredients not found anywhere else. Not because they do not have any beneficial health effect, simply because they are too expensive. We formulate our products for maximum efficacy. Then, what ever cost comes out, determines the price the product is worth. With regards to your statement above that our VitalYouth contains a lower concentration of antioxidants. This may well be and there is a very good reason for that. Many antioxidants may convert to potentially oxidizing products if they are given in too high dose! So in case of the antioxidants the target is not to give more and have better protection. The idea here is to give the correct daily dose for maximum protection. That is what we have done for VitalYouth. That is why VitalYouth is one of our products most often recommended by doctors and other health professionals.