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"It was fantastic…..they hand delivered the correct product to me that day".

 Jamie Blitz



Thank you for finally removing the shipping charge for your products.  I purchase the vital oils on a regular basis, and it bothered me that I had to pay shipping when I was spending hundreds of dollars on your product.  It’s nice to see that the new management is progressive.

 Jay Glick



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

I have been taking your VitalOils1000 for for several years now. I was especially interested in the high DHA content, as this was recommended. I am now 80 years old and doing very well, thank you. Love having absolutely no digestive problems, and a pleasant side effect was my fingernails have become strong, with no peeling or breaking as I used to have before using this supplement.

I also appreciate the very prompt and easy mail order service!

Nancy Galbraith



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

I have taken VitalOils1000 for over 3 years with my lipid numbers becoming increasingly better. My husband decided to take them with me although his numbers are always good. From the time he started taking the VitalOils1000, his HDL number went from 65 to 105 and has remained at that level over the years. I recommend them to my other doctors as well as family members.

Thank you!

Neweleen Feldmar



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

Upon the suggestion of my family physician, I have been using VitalOils1000 for at least ten years. My cardiologist heartily recommends my continuing to do so. My heart health and cholesterol levels are good and I have always found the service from VitalRemedyMD to be excellent. Keep up the good work!

Charles L. Sausman



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

At my internist's suggestion, I have been using several VitalRemedyMD products for many years as part of my preventive health program. A daily multivitamin, StatinGuard, Vitamin D, and VitalOils1000 are all part of my daily routine, and they must be helping because my "numbers" and weight maintenance are excellent! I highly recommend these well-made, trustworthy products, and reorders are easy and delivered right to my door!

Lauren Losson



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

Excellent product. I have a hard time digesting any fish oil pills but these definitely are the best. No aftertaste.

Kathryn Fox



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

The vitamins & supplements are the best and the prompt personal service tops it off. Thank you.

Chuck Schwaderer

Dear VitalRemedyMD,

At the point of thinking I would need a knee replacement my physician suggested that I try VitalRemedyMD’s JointFormula. I began taking the Joint Formula a little over 2 years ago. What a difference it has made in my life. I not only walk without pain, but I am able to dance again. I have shared this information with my Orthopedist and he supports my continued use of this product. I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay pain free and be mobile. I also found that it has given me relief in my back as well. This is a cost effective and easily obtained mediation. It does not work overnight so if you try it know that like all medications it takes some time to find relief. It is worth the time as it does change your life.

Dr. Sara Reale



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

As recommended by our internist, my wife and I have been taking HomocysteineFormula for over five years. This product has reversed our former low blood chemistry readings and it has increased our overall energy levels and our stamina. As a retired pharmacist, I can state that this is a well-formulated product which has no equal.

Thank you for developing and making this product available.

Irvin Berland



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

I absolutely love the VitalOils1000! They are the highest quality fish oils on the market, and I recommend them to all my friends and clients. Ever since I started taking them, I have been experiencing a reduction in muscle inflammation and gut discomfort. It’s also nice to take only one pill per day, rather than 4 or more, which is the average of most other brands. Plus, the DHA and EPA concentrations are dense, giving you the greatest benefit for your buck!

Isadora Baum- Certified Health Coach

Dear Dr. Baum,

I have to thank you for prescribing the vitamin JointFormula.

For the first time in three years, I have not had fluid drained from my Osteoarthritic knees. Previously I had my knees drained every two to three months, plus cortisone shots to relieve the pain from inflammation. Unfortunately my miserable knees are my miserable knees, but since I have taken JointFormula I have not had fluid in my knees and no longer take Darvocet for pain.

Again, thank you.

Francois Kohlman



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the products I am receiving (Daily2Tab, AntioxidantBalance, and VitalOils). It is a good feeling to have confidence in the company that is formulating the nutritional supplements I am taking each day. I have also recommended them to a friend who is very proactive about her health and she has spoken to her doctor about VitalRemedyMD as well, so he can get involved and learn more. Mostly, I want to thank you for being so helpful in answering my questions when I called to get started with my order. Even though my doctor recommended which products I should take, I had some questions that came up later, and you were able to make everything clear. I also wanted to let you know that I have decided to take advantage of the automatic reorder, so I can get the supplements delivered every three months when I will run out.

Thanks again,

Debbie Raynor



Dear Dr. Baum,

I have been your patient since 1993 and under your direction I have had numerous angioplasties and of course heart surgery. After my heart surgery you told me to walk, which I did. I was walking three miles every other day and was feeling good. However, in the past two years or so due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis this became impossible. The pain in my knees was very severe. You sent me to a Rheumatologist who put me on Prednisone and Methotrexate. This helped me, but no where near enough.

If you remember last month when I was in you advised me to try VitalRemedyMD’s Joint Formula for three months.  I did and it kicked in.  It really works.  I call it “The Miracle Vitamin”. This week I started walking only one mile, but I hope I can make it back to what I was doing before this illness.

Thank you so much.

Don Cocuzza



Dear VitalRemedyMD,

For years I suffered with lower back pain in the area of my tailbone. I saw several physicians, had a Cat scan and X-rays, but no one could find the cause. It got to the point where the pain was at times excruciating. The last Physician I saw said that he could find nothing, but that it might be some sort of Arthritis in the joint. When I told my husband about this, he said that he had heard from a reliable source that your JointFormula worked great on arthritic joints. Being a skeptic, I said I would try it, but only take two a day instead of the recommended four. After about a month with little change I decided to stop taking them.

My husband convinced me to continue them at the recommended four a day regimen. After two weeks I began to notice a difference and after a month, the pain was almost completely gone. It has been six months since I started them and the pain is gone. Thank you so much for such a great product! My husband takes Zocor for cholesterol control and uses your StatinGuard to counteract the muscle pain that he experienced prior to using your product. He also sends his regards.

Most Sincerely,

Frances Dyben



To VitalRemedyMD,

I want to tell you how happy I am with ‘Joint Formula’, after two weeks of taking it my knees did not crack any more and all the pain was gone. Before I was taking another similar product for almost a year with no results.

‘Joint Formula’ really works, in less than a month my pains were gone, and I am very satisfied with this great product.


Gloria Gomez



Dear Doctor,

I want to tell you how much the JointFormula helped me. As you know, I am a 39 year old, single mother of four children. I had five surgeries on my ankle caused by an old soccer injury. Luckily, I saw you just before my scheduled sixth operation. Because of you, I cancelled the surgery. Based on your pushing me to at least try JointFormula, I felt I had nothing to lose. In the worst case I would simply be delaying surgery. Well am I glad I saw you. Within three weeks, I actually started to notice improvement. It has been three months and except for an occasional ache on a rainy day, I am pain free. JointFormula has kept my active life intact – I am feeling great and able to maintain my active work and family schedule.

Thank you,

Maria Elena DeFroscia