VitalRemedyMD has partnered with OmegaQuant to bring you groundbreaking research on the Omega-3 Index. This research continues to validate the Omega-3 Index as a marker of omega-3 status.

The Omega-3 Index test from OmegaQuant is the only omega-3 blood test supported by hundreds of studies in the medical and scientific literature. This means that you can have confidence that the test you are taking has meaning for your health. OmegaQuant has also developed the Prenatal DHA Test to measure the amount of omega-3 DHA in the blood. Studies show 5% is the minimum level women should aim for during pregnancy.

Moreover, a Mother’s Milk DHA Test is available to measure the amount of omega-3 DHA in breast milk. Studies show breast milk is the best way to deliver DHA to your growing baby.

 Additionally, OmegaQuant has included a test to measure the levels of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for immunity support and bone health. Also available is a test to measure your Vitamin B-12 levels critical for brain, nerves, vision, and many other health benefits.

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