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As a physician who has shifted from "procedure-oriented care" – performing Angioplasties, Stents, and Electrophysiologic procedures – to a doctor most interested in preventing problems from ever occurring in the first place, I created VitalRemedyMD to be the nutritional supplement company that bridges the gap between complementary and allopathic medicine.

VitalRemedyMD has as its central goal the formulation and production of top-quality, scientifically sound nutritional supplements. We diligently and tirelessly follow the medical literature to understand and respond to credible advances in the young but blossoming area of nutritional medicine. We aim to be the resource – for both you and your physician - for education and clarification in this often murky realm of science. We welcome and encourage you to contact us so that we may be your ally in the quest for optimal health. Wishing you the best of health and happiness, Seth J. Baum, MD, Founder and Director of Clinical Development, VitalRemedyMD.



Dr. Peter Lembke has dedicated his entire business life (over 30 years) to the purification technology of fish oils to achieve the highest concentrated and premium omega-3 products on the market. Peter's goal today, as it has been from the very beginning, is to create the highest quality, bioavailable products with maximum health efficacy. These are the three "pillars" of our product manufacturing: (i) premium quality, (ii) bioavailability, and (iii) efficacy. 

Dr. Lembke received his Ph.D. in Applied Physical Chemistry. His thesis in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography paved the way for the purification and concentration technology used today to produce VitaOils1000. His Supercritical Fluid Technology has continued to make VitalOils1000 an outstanding fish oil, in many respects unparalleled by any other. As a scientist, Dr. Lembke has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. He has received seven patents and delivered over 50 lectures at International Conferences. Dr. Lembke is much more than a world-renowned scientist; he is also an immensely successful businessman. He has been so successful that in 2015 he was elected among the top five Entrepreneurs of the Year in Germany.

Since receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Lembke has held such high-level positions as Chief Scientific Officer of the Bioseutica Group and Vice President and Director of Sales at KD Pharma. Additionally, in 2002, Dr. Lembke founded his own nutritional supplement company in Spain, Beps Biopharm SL, specializing in highly bioavailable premium Omega-3 formulations. Beps Biopharm's expertise lies in the scientifically based combination of highly concentrated EPA and DHA with other bioactive natural extracts such as Vitamins, Ginkgo, Schisandra or Bilberry extracts, achieving unique natural synergies for health and wellbeing. 

Dr. Lembke and Dr. Baum are the perfect fit to provide the highest quality products to their customers, rest assured that VitalRemedy will continue building on Seth's work and grow the Vital Remedy MD brand to the benefit of all customers.

VitalRemedy will soon introduce new products developed for the Spanish and German markets. These innovative products combine premium omega-3 fatty acids with other concentrated bioactive plant extracts such as Bilberry-Extract (for effective eye-health), Schisandra Chinensis extract (liver detoxification, and anti-stress) and Ginkgo biloba extract (for brain health and memory). We are also introducing liquid omega-3 oils for kids to improve and enhance concentration and improve social behavior. These products will launch within the next 12 months at www.vitalremedymd.com.