Q: MemoryGuard contains Ginkgo biloba extract. Can than cause Brain Hemorrhage (Bleeding)? 

A. It is correct that MemoryGuard contains 150 mg natural Ginkgo biloba extract. So far scientific literature has never shown that this quantity is of any risk for brain bleeding. Such side effects have shown to occasionally arise with concentration far beyond these 150 mg/serving. Therefore there is no risk of brain hemorrhage. However, as with all supplements it is always better to first consult your physician before taking them.


Q: Why does MemoryGuard contain Ginkgo biloba?

A. Ginkgo biloba extract contains many polyphenols which are very efficient antioxidants and they relax the blood vessels. These to effects combined and the blood viscosity lowering effect of DHA in the capsules clean including your tiniest blood vessels in the brain. Thus blood supply reached again the most "remote areas" of your brain supplying it with oxygen and nutrients. Since more than 2000 years Ginkgo biloba has been used as safe traditional Asian medicine for brain performance.


Q: Why does MemoryGuard contain so much DHA and EPA? Isn´t that for for Heart Health?

A: It is correct that both DHA and EPA are very beneficial for your hear health. However, a large part of your brain is build from DHA. In fact, only DHA allows the electrical impulse (information flow) from one brain cell to the other. Only DHA enables you to see, to think and to feel. DHA makes us human! However, DHA oxidizes quickly and needs to be repaired and replaced on a daily basis. As we get older, our brain protection mechanism doesn't work so well anymore. So we need to provide the brain with sufficient fresh DHA every day in order to give it the chance to replace damaged DHA in its cell membranes. Without brick or stones you cannot repair a stone wall...


Q: MemoryGuard contains 100 mg CoQ10 and 20 mg Vitamin E per serving. Why?

A. CoQ10 and Vitamin E are both very important lipophilic antioxidant found in the brain cell membranes protecting the DHA molecules. CoEnzymeQ10 is also essential for the energy supply/generation in your body cells. As always, with growing age our body produces less CoQ10, we feel easier exhausted and perform less that a couple of years ago. We cant stop this process, but we can slow it down by supplementing fresh CoQ10 to our body on a daily basis.