How can Omega-3 help sex life?

Valentine's Day is coming, and everyone is getting ready to give and make love. And although movies and gossip would have us believe everyone has perfect, ideal sex all the time, the truth is that some form of sexual dysfunction is quite common.

Not everything is rosy in our lives, including our sexual lives

Statistics cover wide ranges, and recent studies are scarce. Still, one such scientific review found that the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED)-a man's difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection-ranged from 3% to over 75%.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that approximately 43% of women and about 1/3 of men suffer from sexual dysfunction.

How can Omega-3 help sex life?

A recently published study offers hope from omega-3 supplementation for pregnant women with concerns about their sexual function.

After four and eight weeks of study, the mean total sexual function score was significantly higher in women treated with omega-3 than those not.

The results led the authors to conclude that omega-3 supplementation may improve sexual function in pregnant women by preventing increased anxiety during pregnancy.

An observational study published in JAMA Network Open looked at healthy young men from the general population. After examining data from 1,700 of them, the researchers associated taking fish oil supplements with higher sperm counts, larger testes, and improved hormone sheets that contribute to male fertility.

It's important to note that this area of study, while potentially promising, is still in its infancy, especially compared to the solid scientific evidence for other benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, such as in heart or brain health, essential to a whole life that includes celebrating Valentine's Day with all the energy you can muster.

So, consider incorporating enough Omega-3 into your diet - through omega-3-containing foods and nutritional supplements - for all the proven benefits to your body. And, if this also helps improve your sexual function, even better.


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