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For Physicians and Health Professionals, VitalRemedyMD has an exclusive program built especially for you.

Our high-quality supplements are given to program participants and their patients at a significant discount with no upfront costs or contractual obligations.

VitalRemedyMD has contracted a specialized Florida Healthcare Law Firm to analyze and provide our company and Collaborators with peace of mind that our program is not in conflict with the Federal Stark Law, Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Florida Patient Self-Referral Act, the Florida Patient Brokering Act, and AMA Advisory Guidance.

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The Health Professional Program Tailored to Benefit Your Patients.

  • Premium Quality Nutritional Supplements formulated by Physicians for Physicians.
  • Recommend VitalRemedyMD ´s supplements directly to your patients to:
    • Meet your patient's immediate and pressing needs.
    • Help them benefit from special prices given to our Collaboration Partners.
  • We provide products directly to you with no upfront costs.
  • Interested, but no space? No problem – we can also provide products directly to your patients on your behalf.

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