Directions of use:

Take 1 capsule per day with sufficient water. Once your vitamin D3 blood levels are stabilized and in a safe range you can reduce to 1 capsule every 2 days.

Vitamin D3 (5000 UI) Veggie Capsules

270 capsules - 9 month supply 

Vitamin D3 is not only important for proper absorption of calcium and the maintenance of bone health, but also for maintaining healthy joints, cognition, a healthy cardiovascular system, and healthy moods.

Vitamin D3 is critical to our health. 
We know that it helps the body absorb calcium that is an essential component for healthy bones (1). It has been recognized for some time that low levels of vitamin D3 have been linked to osteoporosis and other bone diseases, but more and more studies are providing evidence that vitamin D3 seems to have a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular system (2), and in preventing many other diseases including a number of cancers, particularly colorectal cancer (3) and reduce the symptoms of depression.

Unfortunately, vitamin D3 is not found naturally in many foods, so most of our vitamin D3 is produced in our bodies by the action of sunlight on our skin. 

However, as people age, they often lose the ability to make vitamin sufficient Vitamin D3 in their skin from sunlight. Low levels of vitamin D3 are thus more common in older people, BUT the problem is not limited to any one population.

Ask your doctor to do a simple blood test for 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] that will provide the best measure of your vitamin D3 status. A 25(OH)D level of 30-50 ng/ml is currently thought to be optimal. Supplement as needed with a daily multivitamin with adequate levels of vitamin D3 and then additional vitamin D3 as needed. Note: Look for the terms vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol on supplement labels. The D2 form of the vitamin, sometimes called ergocalciferol, though widely used in fortification and supplements, is less potent, and is artificially derived.

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