NEW! MemoryGuard - for a normal brain function

We have just launched our product "MemoryGuard" a unique combination of premium concentrated DHA in form of highly bioavailable reconstituted triglycerides ("rTG´s"), natural Ginkgo biloba extract, CoQ10 and vitamin E.       A very effective cocktail of bioactives supporting normal brain function and memory.

With increasing age, the DHA in our brain cells starts to oxidize and our brain loses step-by-step its functionality. MemoryGuard helps to slow down this process in two important ways:

(i) it allows the brain to replace damaged DHA in the brain cell walls with fresh DHA, repairing in such way the structure and allowing normal flow of information from one part of the brain to the other. (Repair Action);

(ii) both CoQ10 and vitamin E are very effective antioxidants reducing the potential brain cell damage caused by oxidative stress.(Preventive Action)

Please take 1-2 capsules together with your dinner in the evening. This is important because the mechanism of brain repair takes place when you are at sleep at night. It is known that the maximum concentration of omega-3 fatty acids (like DHA) in the blood is the highest approximately 5h after their ingestion. Taking thus MemoryGuard capsules during your dinner will assure maximum availability of DHA in your blood at the time when your brain is of need for it.

MemoryGuard is one of our best selling products in Europe (Spain) since many years under the commercial names "DHA-Cognitivo" ( ) and "Oxidative Stress Complex" ( ). We are very happy to be able to offer this special nutritional supplement now to our customers in the US.

Please try MemoryGuard and let us know your feed-back.