News, Information, and Improvements to Better Serve Our Customers. July 2021

Dear Customer

A little more than one year has passed since I took over this lovely small company from my friend Doctor Seth Baum and I would like to thank you for your loyalty to our products and provide you herewith a little overview concerning the last 12 months.

What a year! While under no circumstances we made or are going to make any compromise regarding the quality and efficacy of our Premium nutritional supplements, we did introduce essential improvements in some formulations. Also, we were working on improving our customer service to you. Although I must admit, with regards to the customer service some things were unsatisfactory. Not necessarily because we did something wrong, but in the end, it is always my responsibility, and I apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced. Be assured we are working hard on improving our customer service to you every single day.



Website : The first action in May 2020 was introducing a new and more modern e-com store ( ) to enhance our service to you. So far, this store is not completed and has minor issues. However, I am happy to tell you that we plan to change over to the final new store in August/September 2021. I hope you will like it  – let us know!

 APP "VitalremedyMD": for your cell phone for better customer service. Please feel free to download this APP to your cell phone – scan this code with your phone and follow the instructions. You will like it.


The VitalRemedy MD app makes ordering products much more effortless. In addition, it will soon give you an additional 5% discount on all your purchases (except products already under special promotion). You will also receive essential tips to keep healthy and fit (both physically and mentally).

 Vitamin D3: on behalf of the recommendation of various medical doctors, we increased the potency of this critical anti-inflammatory and "feel-good-vitamin" from 1000 IU to5000 IU per tablet. So, one new Vitamin D3 tablet corresponds to five (5) of our old ones. This change was necessary because science has shown that we are almost all deficient in Vitamin D3.

Therefore, a daily dose of 1000 IU was not sufficient anymore, especially with Covid-19 now being here. So, if you should only need 1000 IU per day, take one capsule of our new Vitamin D3 (5000IU) every five days. Our new Vitamin D3 is also 100% vegetarian.

 JointFormula®: We reintroduced this excellent product for reducing joint pain and cartilage repair. I believe this product will be beneficial for many of us getting older. Especially in combination with VitalOils1000®, it is highly effective in reducing chronic inflammatory joint pain and increasing your quality of life.

 AntioxidantBalance®: This product was renamed "VitalYouth®." Why? We received several questions from our customers who did not understand what "AntioxidantBalance" was suitable for. This unique supplement's primary purpose is to substantially reduce the internal oxidation process (oxidative stress) caused by free radicals and lead to premature body aging (tiredness, inflammation, memory loss, wrinkles, even certain types of cancer). Therefore, with the name "VitalYouth®," we believe we could give this excellent product a very descriptive product name.

 HomocysteineFormula®: will become shortly "HomocysteineFormula-PLUS®." This product formulation changed in that we added to the original B-Vitamin formulation our new proprietary oxidative stress prevention blend consisting of the world's most potent, natural antioxidants: PQQ, CoEnzymeQ10, alpha-Lipoic Acid, and Green Tea Extract. I am very proud and happy to say that this is with no doubt the most potent natural antioxidant blend you will find on the US market. We named this proprietary blend "AntioxidantBalance®" (In this way, we made use of the name "Antioxidant Balance," which was no more used – see Point above). In the future, there will be more products developed containing our proprietary AntioxidantBalance blend – you will be able to recognize them easily if you see the following Quality/Efficacy Seal on the label:


Yes, the addition of our new proprietary AntioxidantBalance Blend will increase the price of the product. Still, in the end, this new HomocysteineFormula PLUS® will be much more beneficial for your health and will be an essential factor to (i) reduce the accumulation of toxic homocysteine accumulation in your cells and (ii) protect you against a large part of oxidative cell damage. I believe the benefits of such a potent formulation justify the expense of not even 1 USD per day. It is long known that the combination of B-Vitamins (HomocysteineFormula PLUS) and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (VitalOils1000) can slow down and, in some cases, even stop (!) age-related cognitive decline and brain shrinkage. Combining these products would cost you below $2.00 per day – Are $2.00 per day too expensive to help slow down age-related cognitive decline?

VitalOils1000®: the new production batch received a new package design. No changes were made in this wonderful Omega-3 supplement now for more than 15 years, considered the Premium Gold Standard Omega-3 DHA supplement in the country. We have achieved now an international accredited third-party confirmation of our outstanding quality for VitalOils1000 by Nutrasource/IFOS - the "5 STAR IFOS" Certificate. ( )  As expected, the analysis results were outstanding, referring to Omega-3 concentration and concerning contaminations like heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, etc. We received a full 5-Star rating and confirmation that VitalOils1000 is again one of the (if not THE) best omega-3 supplements on the market.

Due to the larger batch size, we were able to reduce the manufacturing costs slightly. This saving will be passed on to you. Instead of paying $39,17 for a one-month supply, you will now pay $34,95, a significant price reduction.


New Package Design: You will have noticed that we are changing our products' label/package design. The idea is to give the brand a more modern image and to make it more attractive. I know this will cause controversial opinions. What is excellent for one of us may be horrible for the other. But whether you like the new labels or not, I want to assure you that the products stay the same and in cases where we touch the formulation the only purpose will be to improve it to contribute to Better Health of our customers.

 Free Shipping: Initially planned that we only wanted to introduce Free Shipping during the Covid-19 crisis, we now we have finally decided to maintain this service for you.

Inconsistency of Pricing: you will have noticed that we had changed our prices several times, introduced free shipping, then switched to a flat rate, now changing back to free shipping. Sorry for this confusion, but we are trying to find the correct balance between offering you our Premium products at the lowest possible costs and ensuring an adequate income for our company and thus employees and collaboration partners. Unfortunately, the prices for transport, ingredients, manufacturing, even PE bottles have increased and are still growing dramatically. Every new batch manufactured is much more expensive than the one before. I was able to buffer off the first increases in 2020, but we are now at a point where I need to react directly. Our company has reached an end where we can no longer carry all these additional costs ourselves. Unfortunately, we need to pass them on, at least partially, to our customers. However, I can assure you that we will lower our prices for you as soon as the costs normalize again. For example, I will do already for the new VitalOiuls1000 capsules, which will probably be available in October. Due to the larger batch size, we were able to reduce the cost per package. I will pass on this cost-saving to you. 

 Sustainability: Finally, I have decided to donate a certain part of our revenue from every  product sold to a non-profit organization helping to clean our oceans from plastic garbage. Humanity needs our oceans and especially the marine food coming from them. Our Brain and eyes contain large amounts of DHA (the main ingredient of VitalOils1000), which our body can only get through marine food or supplements. If we destroy this marine ecosystem, we will destroy our DHA supply with the consequence is that future generation's brain size will diminish and show severe brain dysfunctions. We need to stop this! Now!



Fulfillment and Shipping Service: we have noted problems with our present fulfillment & shipping partner. Wrong products were sent out or were sent out far too late. I truly apologize for this. We tried very hard to fix this, but we have minimal results despite all our efforts. I, therefore, decided to switch to a new fulfillment/shipping company as of Aug/Sep 2021, to immediately improve our service to you. Would you please let me know if you notice an improvement or feel that something is not correct? We strongly depend on your feedback here. You can always contact me (for any reason) at:

 New e-com shop: our final new e-com shop (now also reachable under ), will hopefully be live latest in September 2021. I hope you will like it – we invested a lot of time and resources in this new site which will be much easier to navigate and provide you with more critical health information.

 Social Media: As of September, you will also see much more activity from us in social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Please follow us there for important news regarding your health and wellbeing.

 Again, thank you very much for being our customer. I would also like to ask you to please send us some testimonials for our products. In this way, you can support us very much because in the very competitive e-com space we have learned during the last 12 months, these customer reviews are essential for success.


I wish you all the very best and stay healthy!


 Dr. Peter Lembke