You feel more muscle pain, are tired and more exhausted? Especially since you started taking your cholesterol-lowering drugs like Statins?

Statins in general have proved to be a very good and effective way to control your “bad” LDL-cholesterol levels and thus play an important role in preventing fatal cardiovascular events.

However, Statins do not only downregulate the LDL-cholesterol production in our body (by blocking the enzyme “HMG-CoA-reductase), but they unfortunately also avoid or reduce the biosynthesis of Coenzyme Q10 (“CoQ10”).  CoQ10 is an important antioxidant for our body, it contributes to the fluidity of our bio-membranes and most of all, it is an essential compound for the energy production in your cells, organs, and thus entire body. A Statin induced CoQ10 deficiency is noted by feeling more tired and exhausted, often combined by uncomfortable muscle pain.

Many health professionals therefore recommend taking a high quality CoQ10 supplement (min 80 mg CoQ10/day) along with your Stating therapy.

Next to the CoQ10 levels in our mitochondria (“energy plants” of our cells) there are at least two more compounds which have a direct impact on our internal energy production. These are: L-carnitine and alpha-Lipoic Acid. The alpha-Lipoic Acid is not only an important co-factor for mitochondrial energy production by supporting the break-down of carbohydrates, but also responsible to maintain sufficient high levels of antioxidant concentrations inside our cells like vitamin E and vitamin C. This reduces the impact of oxidative stress and thus cell ageing (Antiaging effect).*

Nutritional supplements like premium quality StatinGuardTM providing not only Co-Enzyme Q10 but also L-carnitine, alpha-Lipoic Acid and vitamin E help supporting our natural energy production and protect us from oxidative stress. We feel less tired, are more active and often sense reduced muscle pain.*

NOTE: Tiredness, exhaustion and muscle pain are not only felt by people taking Statins - everyone of us feels it more and more with every year we age. Especially once we have reached an age of 45 years and thereafter, many of our biochemical pathways slow down and lose efficiency (for example our natural CoQ10 production), we produce less energy, we are less protected from oxidative stress  and in consequence we get easier tired, wrinkled, … we age. A daily supplementation of CoQ10, L-carnitine. Alpha-Lipoic Acid and vitamin E will unfortunately not stop the aging process but could make the journey much more pleasant for us.*


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